June 3041

LCAF Quartermaster Corps formally reorganized into AFFC

AFFC News Net – Pursuant to the FedCom Accords of 3020, on 1 June 3041, the Quartermaster Corps of the LCAF and the Department of the Quartermaster of AFFS were combined into the AFFC Department of the Quartermaster. As the largest and most diverse of the noncombat commands of both the LCAF and AFFS, integrating the logistical operations of the two Quartermaster commands took 15 years. Field Marshal Lisa Steiner commands the unified department.

New design house surprises Solaris VII season

Solaris Broadcasting Corp (SBC) – Vining Engineering and Salvage Team (VEST), new to the Solaris VII arenas, shocked the gladitorial world with a surprise champion in the heavy weight class. Utilzing a modified Warhammer design that sported new pulsating lasers instead of the traditional armed mounted PPC, the radical design supplied to the Cold Vipers stable dominated the competition. VEST has reportedly be appraoched by Earthwerks to provide new designs to the venerable Battlemech manufacturer.


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