MegaMek and MekHQ Files

I created a MekHQ file with only the combat units below. I also exported that file into an MUL (MegaMek Unit List) that can be loaded into MegaMek. If I did everything correctly, EDGE, Special Piloting Abilities, Mech assignments and unit structure should all load up. I did load up my local copy of the MUL into a MegaMek instance and all the data came in OK, including pictures. I just needed to adjust the game options to include Edge and Special Abilities (in the RPG tab). With respect to Edge, while all 3 PC have Edge, I haven’t toggled the situations when to use it. If you right click on 1 of the PC pilots in the MegaMek lobby and configure the pilot, there are options for when to use Edge at the bottom of the dialog box.

Google Drive Folder for 26 Lyran Guards MegaMek MUL and MekHQ File

Please test drive all this out and see if I did it correctly. Our goal is to try to shift to Skype, roll20 and MegaMek starting with sessions after Easter.

There was one issue, MekHQ doesn’t have the Marksman SPA. Hawk may need to pick another SPA once we switch over… sorry.

MegaMek and MekHQ Files

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