Battlemech Combat

Battletech Alpha Strike Standard Rules ( Rules Level ) will be used with a hex map.

Additional Advanced / Optional Rules


Alpha Strike p. 63. Piloting skill will be used to determine the TMM Modifer.

Rear Firing Weapons

AS Companion p. 19 / AS Errata v2.0 27 Aug 2014


Since all PC and NPC MechWarriors have both Piloting and Gunnery skills defined, we will use both for calculating target numbers. Weapon attacks will use Gunnery skills, physical attacks, combat drops and evading movement will use Piloting skill.


Alpha Strike p. 63

Variable Movement Modifiers

AS Companion p. 22

Personal Combat

When the players need to get out on foot and face a hostile situation, we will use a either hex grid or the theater of the mind and the AToW combat rules.


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