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  • John Hawkwood

    John Hawkwood was born the 4th child (3rd son) of 7 (4) to Elizabeth and William Hawkwood, owners of a small but prosperous Davion farm that fell into the Capellan March Region. From the very first, William knew that the farming life was not John's …

  • Carin Lindholm

    An engineer's engineer, Carin possesses such a deep understanding of BattleTechnology that she could teach at the Nagelring. However, not only does she know the theory, she tempers it with the practical limitations of field operations, creating a …

  • Omar Masrani

    * Old school tech * Not accepting of the Federated Commonwealth * Prefers to use old Lyran Commonwealth Rank - Chief Warrant Officer (Chief) * Expert in fusion reactors, heat sinks and 'Mech power systems

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