Future Uncertain

Sickness and Explosions

22 September 3041
Wastelands of Derf

Hauptmann Rico, Leftenant Cruickshank, SGM Hawkwood and Dr Schwinghammer are enroute to the last train depot on the rail line to investigate the deliveries of mass amounts of construction material to unknown buyers when the SGM and Dr notice that the Hauptmann is clearly not at his best. After assessing the situation, it is clear that Rico must have immediate medical attention. The team diverts to the nearest hospital in Paulus Springs where he undergoes emergency appendectomy.

After determining that Hauptmann Rico is safe and will be transferred to Deventer University Medical Center in the morning (and ensuring that he and his room will be covered in pink clothes, sheets, decorations and flowers), the diminished team adjourns to a local tavern for some relaxation and recon. While there, the SGM sees a group of young men, one of whom is clearly not meant to be wasted as a farmer. So, in classic SGM style, he rids the bar of the young man’s friends and then lets Dr Schwinghammer and Lt Cruickshank do some recruiting. The boy and his parents agree to let him accompany the team for the next few days.

23 September 3041
End of the Line
Wastelands of Derf

Lt Cruickshank having contacted the unit and arranged for 4 mech warriors to transport his, the SGM’s and 2 other mechs (Lt Dorn’s Hunchback and Cpl MacIndeor’s Griffin) to the rail station to rendesvous with the team, they set out to the rail station.

At the rail station, Lt Cruickshank conducts interviews with the Chief and Foreman and is able to determine the location where all of the construction materials seem to be headed. So, with mechs, they head out to the abondoned strip mine at the Irian Metal Works where they find the Red Scarab busy doing who knows what.

Although Lt Cruickshank tries to open lines of communication, it is apparent that the Red Scarab is set on battle—big mistake for the Red Scarab. The team is able to quickly subdue any resistance by destroying a Phoenix Hawk PXH-1, Wolverine WVR-6R, Warrior H-7A (helicopter), Striker and Vedette (tanks) and one barracks building, while only suffering 2 criticals to the Hunchback (Dr Schwinghammer will be very busy trying to fix this one.) The team also captured (quarantined) a Vulcan VT-5L, Shadow Hawk SHD-2H, Hunter (LRM 10 version), Scimitar, LRM Carrier and SRM Carrier.


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