Manno Rico

Hauptmann 2nd Company 3rd Battalion

Callsign Tyrant
Sex Male
Height 188 cm
Weight 90 kg
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Walk 10 meters
Run 20 meters
Sprint 40 meters
Swim 10 meters
Climb 2 Meters
Attribute Score Modifier
Strength STR 3 -1
Body BOD 4 0
Reflex RFL 7 +1
Dexterity DEX 5 0
Intelligence INT 4 0
Charisma CHA 4 0
Edge EDG 4 0
Trait TP Notes
Compulsion / Cannabis -1 The regular use keeps him calm and collected
Connections +2 Spacer and military connections
Enemy -2 As a spacer in the academy, he has had a rough military career from the start
Equipped +1 D/B/C
G-Tolerance +1 Growing up in space has its advantages
Rank +6 O3: Hauptmann
Reputation -2 His ambitiousness has cost him throughout his life
Thin-Skinned -1 I’m not saying I invented the turtleneck. But I was the first person to realize its potential as a tactical garment. The tactical turtleneck! The… tactleneck!
Wealth -1 Between the Academy and his recently purchased Wolverine, he has not had a chance to establish a savings

*Secret traits noted in the Player’s Secrets area

Skill Level Modified TN Complexity
Administration 3 5 Simple Advanced
Career / Ship’s Crew 1 6 Simple Basic
Career / Soldier 3 4 Simple Basic
Communications/Conventional 0 7 Simple Basic
Computers 0 8 Complex Basic
Gunnery / Aerospace 1 6 Simple Advanced
Gunnery / Mech 5 2 Simple Advanced
Gunnery / Spacecraft 0 7 Simple Advanced
Language / English 2 6 Simple Advanced
Language / German 0 8 Simple Advanced
Leadership 2 6 Simple Advanced
Martial Arts 3 3 Simple Basic
Martial Arts 3 4 Simple Advanced
Medtech 2 5 Simple Basic
Melee Weapons 1 6 Simple Basic
Navigation / Air 1 6 Simple Basic
Navigation / Ground 1 6 Simple Basic
Navigation / Space 3 4 Simple Basic
Perception 2 5 Simple Basic
Piloting / Aerospace 1 6 Simple Advanced
Piloting / Mech 4 3 Simple Advanced
Piloting / Spacecraft 0 7 Simple Advanced
Protocol / Lyran 3 6 Complex Advanced
Sensor Operations 3 5 Simple Advanced
Small Arms 1 6 Simple Basic
Swimming 0 7 Simple Basic
Tactics / Land 1 8 Complex Advanced
Tactics / Space 1 8 Complex Advanced
Technician / Aeronautics 0 9 Complex Advanced
Technician / Electronic 2 7 Complex Advanced
Training 1 8 Complex Advanced
Zero-G Operations 2 4 Simple Basic

*Modified TN calculated based on skill TN, less skill level, less linked attributes

Standard Issue Pistol Neurohelmet Cooling Vest
Military Communicator Boots Leather Boots
Wolverine WVR-6M
Current Balance: 7435
Description Amount New Balance
10 July 3041 Paycheck +2445 7435
10 June 3041 Paycheck +2445 4990
10 May 3041 Paycheck +2445 2545
Starting Wealth 100 100
XP Log
Total XP Gained: 7
Total XP Spent: 0
Available XP: 29
Everyone gains 1 XP for successfully completing the training op
Manno Rico gains 1 XP for roleplay
Manno Rico and John Hawkwood gain 5 XP for getting all their troopers pictures and backstories posted
Remaining Character Creation XP: 22
3015-3025 // Born in Space
Born in August, 3015 on a dropship carrying freight, Manno’s childhood was spent mostly in space traveling from spaceport to spaceport. His father is a former military technician and carried over these skills to land a job keeping freighter-class dropships running smooth. He worked out deals and took paycuts to ensure Manno’s mother and him could be brought along while he worked. His mother cooked, cleaned, and provided basic medical care for the crews of these ships.
With both parents working, Manno’s adventurous spirit as a child caused him to be well-liked by crew members and he was often shown how systems worked or how to fix something.
3025-3031 // Growing up in Space
As Manno grew, he became more and more interested in the bridge of the dropships they traveled in. His father’s position allowed him audiences to see more detailed systems and he got plenty of opportunities from ship captains seeing potential in the young boy. He would read radar screens for the captains and would eventually be given a monitored chance behand the wheel where he successfully landed on planets and docked with jumpships.
Sometimes the odds are simply in one’s favor. Manno expressed interest in the military and wanted to pilot aerospace vehicles or if he was lucky, a battlemech! His father smiled as his son’s dreams but knew that there was no way he could afford to send his son to a Military Academy even with his former military connections. His family had been working under the same Captain for years and having no family of his own, the Captain offered to pay any remainder admission fees to send Manno. His father immediately contacted First Leutnant Lance Waymark on Tharkad. Manno was accepted into the next class and would officially start his military career.
3031-3035 // Military Academy and Officer Candidate School
Manno was not a Steiner or from a Lyran planet and this was pointed out early and often. He was beat up and pushed around by his peers when the academy commanders were not looking. Some even simply looked the other way and shared the same bigotry. He was taller than average height but not as strong as others. Where he lacked strength, he made up for by being quick. He kept a low profile and a generally good report with the unbiased instructors whiling sticking to his passion: piloting.
After basic training was completed, he immediately jumped at the opportunity to train as a battlemech pilot. He was denied and instead placed in the aerospace division program. As he flew overhead in training exercises and performed High G-maneuvers like it was nothing, he would look down and see the battlemechs training. As much as he loved cruising through sky and space, he was determined to get inside and pilot one of these hulking machines.
At the completion of the aerospace program, he was admitted into the battlemech program. Using his aerospace piloting skills to enhance his above-average mech knowledge, Manno impressed his superior officers right away. A summary of his Virtual Reality Simulation debriefing is provided below
Officer training went better than Manno could ever expect. While he had much to learn, the environment saw little to no bigotry towards him and he was able to excel. Once the program was completed, he was highly recommended for immediate assignment to assist in training aerospace and mechwarrior pilot divisions. This recommendation would play a major role throughout Leftenant Manno Rico’s military career.
VR Simulation Results:
Light or Medium mech preference. Well-trained Gunnery and Piloting skills. Pilot succeeded on three of three attempts on the command stage of the simulation. Good communication throughout his Lance with minor damage or singular losses suffered throughout all three attempts. Based on overall score and tactical display, pilot should be considered for officer candidacy.
3035-3041 // Tour of Duty
After spending roughly two to three years being assigned to various training posts where he oversaw the training and development of young aerospace and mechwarrior pilots. As the Lyran Guard mobilized for the War of 3039, Manno was reassigned to the 26th Lyran Guards Regimental Combat Team 1st Battalion 3rd Company out as Bravo Lance Commander.
Leftenant Rico saw his first real combat in Operation WINTERSCHEE on Alnasi as Lyran forces dug in to capture the planet. While Bravo Lance under his command performed well above expectations against the Combine enemy, the Lyran Guard forces were eventually forced to retreat back to Lyran space to regroup.
March 3041 // Promoted to Hauptmann
Hauptmann General Joy Corelli of the 26 LGRCT was tasked with created a faster company that incorporated AFFS tactics. Being from neither a Davion or Steiner background, it was determined that he would be the best choice for the new company based on his performance on Alnasi as well as his lack of bias towards neither house’s tactics.

Manno Rico

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