Laria MacIndeor

MechWarrior Corporal (3/6)


Corporal Laria MacIndeor
MechWarrior (3/6)
Callsign: Red Death
Ht: 148 cm
Wt: 37 kg
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green

The youngest child of a very wealthy Lyran family, RD is used to getting her way, maybe even a little spoiled. Her striking beauty and indominable spirit have carried her from House Training as a MechWarrior for a noble Lyran house, through a short stint as a gladiator on Solaris VII, finally to a Corporal in the AFFC. Can she adapt to this newest of battle units, or will her stubborn streak and skeletons from her past conspire to ruin her blossoming career?


Laria MacIndeor

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