Katlyn Kapitan

Corporal, Command Lance Mechwarrior


Callsign: Bookworm
House: Davion
Age: 22


Young, inexperienced, and the daughter of a Federated Suns military family that spans generations, Katlyn Kapitan finds herself promoted to Corporal and placed in the command squad of the 26 LGRCT 3rd Battalion, 2nd Company. Taking great pride in her military background, she is tough, extremely detail oriented, and often quotes from memory tactical operating procedure mid-conversation. This has made her enemies though as she sometimes finds the need to correct those infracting said rules.

VR Simulation Results
Light or Medium Mech preference. Subpar piloting and gunnery skill. Needs improvement. She has shown a natural aptitude in her display of tactical combat by scoring near perfect and succeeding in three of three attempts on the command stage.

Katlyn Kapitan

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