John Hawkwood

Sergeant Major, Knight of the Capellan People

Rank Sergeant Major Callsign Hawk
BattleMech Cataphract CTF-1X
Height 172 cm Weight 73 kg
Hair Blonde Eyes Blue
Age 38


Attribute TP Link
STR 4 0
BOD 7 1
RFL 7 1
DEX 7 1
INT 4 0
WIL 4 0
CHA 4 0
EDG 7 1


Walk 11 m
Run 24 m
Sprint 48 m


SGM John “Hawk” Hawkwood is the quentessential enlisted MechWarrior. He is fit, brave and unwavering in his conviction that his side is in the right and his enemies should be punished. If you refer to him outside the cockpit by anything other than “Sergeant Major” you will soon lose the ability to say anything at all for the want of oxygen. In short, he will PT you until you drop.

Officers certainly have the benefit of rank, but any wise officer would do well to remember the maxim “don’t confuse rank with authority.”


Limp Sword Flag, Syrtis Medal of Honor.


Trait TP
Animal Antipathy -1
Compulsion/Addiction-Nicotine -1
Compulsion/Hate Capellan Confederation -3
Equipped 1
Fit 2
Good Vision 1
In for Life – Military -3
Natural Aptitude – Gunnery 5
Rank 9
Vehicle 6
Wealth -1


Skill Level Linked Att Adj. TN Complexity
Career/Soldier 3 INT 4 SB
Computers 1 INT 7 CB
Driving 0 RFL/DEX 6 SA
Gunnery/Mech 7 RFL/DEX -1 SA
Interest/Gardening 1 INT 7 CB
Interest/Mil. Hist. 2 INT 6 CB
Language/English 3 INT/CHA 5 SA
Language/German 1 INT/CHA 7 SA
Leadership 2 WIL/CHA 6 SA
Martial Arts 6 RFL/DEX 0 SA
Med. Tech./General 3 INT 4 SB
Melee Weapons 0 RFL/DEX 5 SB
Navigation/Land 2 INT 5 SB
Perception 3 INT 3 SB
Piloting/Mech 6 RFL/DEX 0 SA
Protocol/Fed Suns 3 WIL/CHA 6 CA
Running 3 RFL 3 SB
Small Arms 3 DEX 3 SB
Sensor Operations 5 INT/WIL 3 SA
Swimming 1 STR 6 SB
Tactics/Land 5 INT/WIL 4 CA
Technician/Mechanical 3 DEX/INT 5 CA


Skill Effect
Sniper Halve Range Modifiers


Issued military equipment


John Hawkwood was born the 4th child (3rd son) of 7 (4) to Elizabeth and William Hawkwood, owners of a small but prosperous Davion farm that fell into the Capellan March Region.

From the very first, William knew that the farming life was not John’s destiny. There was something about this restless middle child that animals seemed to find “a bit off-putting.” Even the docile old dairy cows became restless and uncooperative around John.
More than this, John always seemed to find the trouble in any situation. A simple prank or children’s game always seemed to turn into someone else’s injury and John’s being sent to bed without supper.

After much discussion (and crying on Elizabeth’s part), John was sent to military school. For John, it was like coming home. He finally had an outlet for his restless energy and guidance for where to aim the ire he felt for… well for whomever.

John quickly discovered an affinity for Piloting Mechs, and his outstanding ability earned him a place in a solid, if not prestigious, military academy. His father was happy to scrape the money together, seeing his once-troubled son getting on so well.

In military academy, John continued to excel in Mech Operations, earning highest marks for all practical applications. Because of his underwhelming classwork, however, John did not earn a place in Officer Training School.

Pretending to be unfazed by this, John congratulated his classmates, said goodbye after graduation and signed up for enlisted military service.

John worked day and night to distinguish himself amongst the enlisted ranks, with the goal that someday he would get the shot to show those officers what a “real MechWarrior” could do. Soon, John got his chance, and earned accolades and distinction through his abilities and combat successes.

He may not have made many friends, but he did become possibly the greatest enlisted MechWarrior (MechWarrior of ANY rank! he’d say) in service to the Federated Suns. Hawk first saw real combat during the Third Succession War, where he distinguished himself through uncommon valor and unparalleled skills and was instrumental in the Third Crucis Lancers’ complete victory over the hated 5th Sword of Light. Just a few months later, Hawk’s “Achenar Lancers” suffered a grave defeat at the hands of the 5th, a defeat Hawk has never forgotten nor forgiven.

During the Fourth Succession War, Hawk was key in virtually all of the 3rd’s incredible successes in battles securing Tikonov, Tigress and Kawich. It was after the battle of Kawich that Sergeant Hawkwood and his company were awarded the Limp Sword Flag.

In the War of 3039, Hawk was cited as being “the only warrior holding back the yellow tide of the combined invading forces of the Ryuken-ni and Ryuken-san. Without First Sergeant Hawkwood’s bravery, skill and indomitable spirit, Caph would surely have fallen to the Capellan forces, and the Third would have been decimated. Instead, the invasion was first slowed, then stopped, and finally overcome, saving countless lives of MechWarriors, 3 full battallions of BattleMechs and the entire city of Caph from falling under Capellan tyranny.” This glowing citation accompanied Hawk’s promotion to Sergeant Major and his award of the Syrtis Medal of Honor.

After earning promotion to the penultimate rank of Sergeant Major, SGM Hawkwood was lacking only 1 thing – a Heavy. So, saying goodbye to his beloved Lancers, he took a transfer to the newly formed Davion/Lyran combined forces to teach these uncouth “fighters” and green officers what it really takes to be a MechWarrior.

John Hawkwood

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