Carin Lindholm

Master Battlemech Tech

Rank Sergeant
Tech Skill (TN) 5

An engineer’s engineer, Carin possesses such a deep understanding of BattleTechnology that she could teach at the Nagelring. However, not only does she know the theory, she tempers it with the practical limitations of field operations, creating a formidable maintenance tech. Technicians working under her command are challenged and driven as they know they are dealing with a ‘real’ expert.

However, as respected as she is by her colleagues, Carin has little patience for those that demonstrate a lack of technical knowledge – which are most senior combat officers. She’s dressed down several Hauptmanns in front of their men, gaining her a reputation as a troublemaker.

Service Record Notes

Two letters of reprimand issued by Kommandant David Steinhauer for insubordination.

Carin Lindholm

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