Table Rules

Food and Drink

Bring what you want to snack on at the table (bags of chips, dip, pretzels) and we all share. Same with beverages, bring what you want to drink and what you want to share. About half way through the session we will order pizza or sandwiches.

GM Style

When creating Battlemech encounters, I will try to balance them against the players’ forces, but will always err on the side of military, tactical or strategic logic. If the enemy would come at the players with a company of assualt mechs… well it will. Additionally, once combat begins, I will play to win the encounter and generally will not make intentional tactical errors or fudge die rolls. With respect to skill checks, declare what your character is doing and I’ll tell you what skill to roll against, don’t simply declare that you’re making a Cryptography check as that isn’t any fun.

Electronic Table

I have no issue with cell phones, laptops or tablets at the table, provided they are not distractions. If you’re playing another game and not playing the RPG… well why are you here?

Table Rules

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