Rules Level

Alpha Strike Rules Level: Standard

Standard level rules as defined in Alpha Strike (pp. 22-51). The AS Errata v2.0 27 Aug 2014 update the rules for jumping movement.

Technology Level: Inner Sphere

Technology will start out at the Introductory Level and increase to Standard over the course of the campaign. Equipment acquired at unit formation will be provided as per the Requisitioning Equipment rules. All the Stock Battlemechs utilize Introductory level equipment with refit kits becoming available in the late 3040’s. Star League area equipment will not be available to a new unproven unit… unless an officer has an inhuman Protocol / Lyran Commonwealth skill.

Advanced & Experimental Technology

Both will generally not be available except for plot reasons. However, if a unit could benefit from a specific Advanced Technology and the player can provide a convincing argument, Administration and Protocol rolls may be allowed. Be prepared for some hefty penalties though.

Rules Level

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