Requisitioning Equipment

Battlemechs are requisitioned from the Quartermaster Corps by an officer. While there are many different ’Mechs available, the following 2 tables are readily available in the Federated Commonwealth and only require a requisition be filed with the Quartermaster Corps to obtain.

To acquire a Battlemech not listed in the Lyran or Davion stock requires an Protocol / Lyran Commonwealth skill check to find the Battlemech – reflecting the need to navigate the bureaucracy of the AFFC, followed by an Administration check to file the right paperwork. Send a Requisition to the Quartermaster Corps to with the Pass / Fail of the Protocol skill and the MoS of the Administration check to determine if a unit can be secured. The necessary MoS is defined by the equipment’s Availability Rating (Strategic Operations p. 178). Equipment Availability Ratings are defined by the Tech Manual, Battlemechs are determined from the era appropriate House Steiner RAT.

Steiner Stock

Light Medium Heavy
Firestarter FS9-H Griffin GRF-1N Rifleman RFL-3N
Commando COM-2D Griffin GRF-1S Ostsol OTL-4D
Locust LST-1S Wolverine WVR-6R Warhammer WHM-6R
Wasp WSP-1A Shadow Hawk SHD-2H Crusader CRD-3R
Stinger STG-3R Phoenix Hawk PXH-1 Thunderbolt TDR-5SS
Wolfhound WFL-1 Vulcan VL-2T Archer ARC-2R
Hatchetman HCT-3F

Davion Stock

Light Medium Heavy
Valkyrie VLK-QA Dervish DV-6M Thunderbolt TDR-5S
Javelin JVN-10N Enforcer ENF-4R Jagermech JM6-S
Locust LCT-1V Blackjack BJ-1
Locust LCT-1M Centurion CN9-A
Wasp WSP-1D Shadow Hawk SHD-2D

Advanced Technology

With the discovery of the Helm Memory Core, 300 years of technological decline began to reverse as long lost technologies returned to the Inner Sphere. As war technology is slowly recovered, more advanced technologies and Battlemechs are introduced to the Federated Commonwealth. This technology is introduced in 3 methods: New Battlemechs, Refit Kits and individual components.

Individual Components

A single weapon or advanced equipment can be requisitioned from the Quartermaster Corps any time after its rediscovery. When the component becomes available, the unit can attempt to requisition as above.

Refit Kits

Refit kits are prepackaged upgrades of existing Battlemechs to newer models, such as upgrading a Warhammer 6R to a 7M. A specific refit kit is introduced concurrent with a redesigned ’Mech. They can be acquired from the Quartermasters Corps using via the above requisition protocol. Installing a refit kit is governed by Strategic Ops.

New Battlemechs

Throughout the late 3040’s and up through 3085, new Battlemech designs are fielded by all the Successor States. Once a new ’Mech is introduced, it can be requisitioned by an officer.

Requisitioning Equipment

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