Campaign Synopsis

After the end of War of 3039, the 26th Lyran Guards returned to Tamar to replace the limited losses of that war. A key learning for the AFFC High Command was that the strategic doctrines of the Lyran Commonwealth and Federated Suns are wildly different; the Lyrans’ practicing a defensive mindset that utilizes heavy and assault designs, while the Suns’ prefer lighter more mobile designs that utilize tactics and offensive positioning to win engagements. Recognizing that the future of of the AFFC rest upon her Lyran Guards learning Davion tactics, Hauptmann General Joy Corelli disbanded her 2nd Company / 3rd Battalion upon return to Tamar and requested new troops be assigned from AFFC High Command. The Hauptmann General orders her new Hauptmann to throw Lyran paradigms to the wind and build a light, mobile company that bridges the gap between the 2 sides of the Federated Commonwealth.

The player characters are these new recruits. None have served with the 2nd Company and at least 1 officer is Davion. Clearly the strategy of this new company rubs most of the officers of the 26th Lyran Guards the wrong way – trying to Davion their elite unit – so the players will be met with institutional challenges.

The initial drive of the campaign will be to forge the new company from it’s separate entities. Once the Hauptmann character is convinced the company is ready for action, expect deployments against ‘real’ enemies.

The campaign will meet monthly face to face. Utilizing Obsidian Portal, I plan to have a fair amount of ‘off stage’ roleplaying, so that face to face time can focus on what is best done at a table.

The campaign will utilize the A Time of War ruleset for roleplay and characters.

Initially Battletech table top will be used to simulate Battlemech combat, eventually advancing to MegaMek for larger encounters. MekHQ will be used by the players to manage the unit. The ‘official’ MekHQ campaign save file will reside on the GM’s Google Drive so we can all see it.

Campaign Synopsis

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