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  • Hua Dan

    The Technical Team's resident troublemaker, Hua's never met a joke that wasn't funny. On more than 1 occasion, 'Mechs have walked out of the hanger with pink armor panels and kick me signs. He also prefers to use pink and purple when loading practice …

  • Quan-Thuong Kvamsdal

    For Q-T, the military was a way out. Growing up poor and often homeless, she leveraged her ability to fix groundcars, guns and stills to feed herself and family. Lying on her enlistment papers, she joined the AFFC at age 17 and learned how to fix 'Mechs …

  • Fenella Ivet

    Young and full of energy, Fenella has never met a circuit she couldn't fix. Clearly intelligent, conversations with her often drift between technical topics as she tends to verbalized her stream of consciousness. Social graces are not her strong suit …

  • Dean Roberts

    Fresh from boot camp and technical school, Dean sees the military through rose-tinted glasses. Eager to get promoted, he has a ready, fire, aim tendency.

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