Leo Kleinschmidt

Sergeant, Striker Lance NCO


Callsign: Eagle
House: Steiner
Age: 29


Leo Kleinschmidt has always felt at home in a uniform. After serving the last succession war, Leo decided to take time off to enjoy life away from war. In attempting to adjust to life as a civilian, he slowly fell into debt as he felt out of place and could not hold a job. Even after finding the love of his life and having a daughter, he was unhappy and seemed uncurable. He made the hard decision to leave his family and re-enlist before his re-enlistment window closed. Since he has returned, he truly feels at home.

Reserved and calculating, he keeps the focus on his orders and makes sure the job gets done. At times he seems to be fearless. Unflinching, he will make what he believes to be a superior tactical suggestion without hesitation.

VR Simulation Results
No mech preference. Reliable gunnery and piloting skills. Succeeded three of three attempts on the command stage of the simulation. Overall, two average scores followed by one excellent score. On the second attempt, the pilot counter-ambushed the AI lance and suffered no losses.

Leo Kleinschmidt

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