Edda "Ed" Sampras

Corporal, Striker Lance Mechwarrior


Callsign: Slick
House: Steiner
Age: 24


Growing up a troublemaker on Arcturus, Ed often found himself on the wrong side of the law. Speeding or assault charges from bar fights often saw him placed into the local police station. He was on a first name basis with the local officers. It was recommended to him to enlist to get a fresh start and he recklessly figured why not.

A ladies man, “Ed”, as he prefers, comes off as cocky, confident, and always seems to have a good joke up his sleeve. He has trouble controlling his temper when it comes to calling dibs on a woman or when someone calls him by his full first name. He begrudgingly deals with it when addressed from superior officers but has embraced the fresh start the military has given him. Off duty, he loves to cruise on his motorcycle while sporting his trademark leather jacket and hair curl.

VR Simulation Results
Light Mech preference. The pilot excels in hit and run tactics and follows orders well. When given the opportunity to command, the pilot failed miserably as he was only able to complete that stage of the simulation one out of three attempts with only his mech surviving.

Edda "Ed" Sampras

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