David Steinhauer

26th Lyran Guards, 3rd Battlemech Battalion Commander


David is an up through the ranks officer. His family used thier connections to land him an assignment as a green leftenant in the Tamar militia. After 2 distinguished tours commanding a mixed Battlemech and armor lance, he was recruited by the 26th Guards, commanding the 2nd Battalion / 2nd Company.

During the long slog of Engadin, demonstrated superior tactical capabilities, reverse ambushing multiple Combine units. His success during the long campaign earned him promotion to Hauptmann.

Through the 3030’s, David demonstrated adeptness at the Steiner social politics, gaining promotion to Kommandant and command of 3rd Battalion. However, during the War of 3039 operations on Alnasi, the social nature of his promotion came to fore. He was unable to translate his superior small unit tactical skills to strategic thinking. Twice the 3rd Battalion was caught without supplies and repairs, resulting in the 2nd Company being routed while covering the Battalion’s withdrawal.

David’s relationship with his commander, Jinders Green-Davion is strained at best, as his rise in LCAF has stalled out with his performance on Alnasi, which he blames on his Davion commander.

David Steinhauer

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