Future Uncertain

PT Competition

Date: 26 May 3041
Location: 2nd Co PT pad

“Is 0500 too early for your dilettantes?” SGM Hawkwood asks with a sneer.

“Not at all, SGM. Let’s get started, shall we?” Responds 1st Co’s Sgt Dundas through clenched teeth.

With that, a truly brutal pt session was underway. Even 2nd Co’s fittest were on the verge of collapse by the time SGM called an end to the combat run and gave everyone 10 minutes to form up on the pitch for a game of football.

The superior fitness of 2nd Co proved to be the difference in the match along with the long, fast arms of Cpl Zoepfl who played a great game in goal.

Sgt Dundas was less than thrilled about collecting 2nd Co’s smelly pt gear, but collect it he did. And returned it all nice and fresh to SGM Hawkwood.

DATE: 27 May 3041

“Have your guys use a little less fabric softener next time.”

Sgt Dundas’s reply of, “yes SGM,” was barely audible over the sound of his teeth grinding together.

This morning’s session was just a little less brutal than yesterday’s. A few members from each Co came perilously close to drowning during the water polo match, but 1st Co triumphed in the end.

SGM Hawkwood was stone-faced when he collected the 1st Co’s pt gear. Overseeing the washing, drying, ironing and folding into perfect 6 inch squares, he was less stoic to the chagrin of all of 2nd Co. 2nd Co’s members weren’t sure what was worse, cleaning somebody else’s dirty drawers, SGM Hawkwood’s beratement, or the smug look on the faces of 1st Co when they individually delivered the cleaned pt gear.

DATE: 28 May 3041

“Good morning, SGM! I could get used to having my jock ironed,” Sgt Dundas says with a smirk.

With a growl, SGM Hawkwood calls a beginning to the day’s pain.

Two days of SGM style pt had clearly taken its toll on 1st Co. Several members fell out during the combat run. Then 2nd Co easily defeated them in sparring contests, winning 7 matches to 2. Sgt Dundas had to be physically restrained by his juniors after Sgt Masrani slammed a 1st Co tech to the ground with such force that the medics had to carry him back to the infirmary. By the time Sgt Dundas arrived to pick up the pt gear, he had calmed down just enough to keep from having a go at the SGM.

DATE: 29 May 3041

2nd Co easily beat 1st Co in dodgeball in 3 straight matches. Sgt Dundas said nothing when picking up or dropping off the laundry.

DATE: 30 May 3041

2nd Co was tired, sore and extremely proud after completing the Dirty Word relay. Only 3 from 1st Co finished, the rest refused to continue, and 2 had to seek medical treatment.

SGM Hawkwood dismissed 2nd Co for the day and informed Sgt Dundas that 1st Co could report to 2nd Co’s repair bay to begin cleaning in 90 minutes. “Once that Mech bay is spotless, you can start on our barracks.”

No one saw SGM Hawkwood show any hint of emotion, but he thoroughly enjoyed watching 1st Co stiffly limp around and groan while cleaning up after his lancers.


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