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May 25th Training Operation Evaluation

Training Operation Evaluation
Date: May 25, 3041
Allied Forces: 3rd Battalion 2nd Company (12 mechs)
Opposing Forces: 3rd Battalion 1st Company (12 Mechs)
Evaluator: Hauptmann Manno Rico

To test and evaluate newly formed maneuver company meant to utilize hybrid Davion-Lyran tactics against an OpFor utilizing standard Lyran tactics. Pilot performance, Mech performance, and tactical usage of lances were all considered in the evaluation.

Satisfactory Performances:

Manno Rico in his WVR-6M adeptly kept pace with the rest of his command lance, finding a high quality location to providing covering fire. Two mechs eliminated. Rico recorded the only headshot.

Leo Kleinschmidt adeptly piloted his Phoenix Hawk to maintain the threat of 3-plus enemies while taking minimal damage.

Katlyn Kapitan and Edda Sampras adeptly used tactical cover (Trees) to establish a firing position.

Battle Lance is recognized for its performance in spearheading the assault and withstanding heavy fire from two Assault Class battlemechs. John Hawkwood performed exceptionally well with three kill shots.

Laria MacIndeor adeptly preserved her mech after taking a focused fire attempt from the enemy.

Fire Lance tactically met expectations in providing covering fire for Command and Battle Lances.

Unsatisfactory Performances:

Leo Kleinschmidt suffered actual physical damage to his mech upon landing from the high altitude deployment.

Katlyn Kapitan, Egbert Zoepfl, Nya Coleman, Darcia MacKissack underperformed when operating their weapon systems.

Resulting Actions:

Effective immediately, the following pilots are to log 1 hour extra simulation time per week to work on operating weapons systems: Katlyn Kapitan, Egbert Zoepfl, Nya Coleman, Darcia MacKissack.

Effective immediately, Leo Kleinschmidt will spend the next two weeks logging 1 hour extra simulation time to work on proper drop landing technique.

Final Comments:

Overall, 2nd company showed a satisfactory performance in our first outing. We utilized tactics to establish an effective firing platform against an OpFor that was dug in and contained superior firepower and durability. I expect all officers and the Sergeant Major to participate in a discussion about the various minor performance tweaks required to meet the established doctrine for 2nd company.

Congratulations on the victory and a well-deserved weekend off, you earned it.

Hauptmann Manno Rico


EngineerGOH svitakis19

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